In the Constitution of India, Education has been placed as the Fundamental Right of each and every Indian citizen. It is widely known to everyone that there are several projects undertaken by the Central Government as well as State Government to fulfill the dream of 'Education for All'. Various types of financial assistance are given by the Indian Government along with all State Governments for the upliftmen of the backward classes, backward tribes and also for the students belonging to different minority communities and of different social levels through the University Grant Commission and through many more organizations in order to universalize the education.

According to the survey made in 2011, the literacy rate in India was 74.04% only while the worldwide literacy rate was 84%. On the other hand the assessment has brought forward a terrible aspect - while the male literacy rate was 82.14%, the rate of female literacy was scanty 65.46%. While all of us are unanimous on the view of that for the building of a family or a society, the roll of women are always very important as women bear the backbone of any family or any society. Given below a statistical table on the assessment made by UNESCO INSTITUTE FOR THE STATISTICS that shows a comparative study on the worlds' literacy rate along with that of Indian and its neighboring states........

CHINA 95.1% (2010) 99.6% (2010)
SRILANKA 90.8% (2007) 98%
MYANMAR 89.9% (2007) 94.4% (2004)
WORLD AVERAGE RATE 84% (2011) 89.6% (2010)
INDIA 74.04% (2011) 81.1% (2006)
NEPAL 55.5% (2007) 62.7%
PAKISTAN 50.2% (2007) 70.8% (2011)
BANGLADESH 53.5% (2007) 63.6% (2001)


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Being associated with the different colleges in West Bengal for more than 12 years, we earned both direct and indirect experience regarding the problem associated with Youth Education. While on one hand at some places there is scarcity of class-rooms in proportion to the enormous number of students, on the other hand there is lack of teachers than the number required (the recognized ratio of teacher and student is 1:45) for taking classes on scheduled subjects. Moreover colleges are facing another unavoidable pressure through out the year like different examination conducted by the Universities, inter college examination etc. As a result of this, the entire syllabus can not be covered properly within the specified time.


Judging realistically, a teacher can divide his students in his/her class approximately in the ratio of 20% : 60% : 20%. The first 20% students are attentively follow the lecture of the teacher and take an active part in question-answer session. These number of students are identified as a regular student. The last mentioned 20% students are really irregular in classes participate) in any educational activities taken by the teacher. But our main vision on the rest 60% students who trying to attentive in his/her classes and even participate in the question-answer session with the concerned teacher although sometimes they are also irregular in their classes who are identified as average students to the teachers. Most of these students could never be free in their classes due to lack of confidence or because of unnecessary fear or shyness towards their teachers. As a result in future, most of the pupil of this group would not only become irregular in their classes, but also a section of them will increase the number of the lastly mentioned 20% student group. In fact whenever we go through an analyzing report of final examination conducted by the University, surprisingly we found that though the percentage of pass candidate may increase yearly but gradation result shows most of the candidates are qualified by the number between 30% to below 45%. So, on one hand the number of quality students are decreasing day by day and on other hand the rate of absentee students are increasing day by day at each and every colleges. Everyday colleges are facing these trends which indicate a dangerous sign to each and every college authority.

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Our main object is to increase the self confidence of this group of 60% students so that they remain free in their classes. At the same time we will be careful to look after on these group of students so that unnecessary fear or shyness never effect their studies in any way. There by, in near future, most of the average students get uplifted to the standard of the first 20% group of good and regular student and in that case, the student ratio of any class which defined as 20%:60%:20% will be converted to 60%:30%:10%. Only through this process, the continuous growth in performance of the students is possible. Similarly the attractive curriculum will be helpful to students to attend the classes regularly.

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To solve the acute problem properly regarding unfinished syllabus and also to bring the irregular students in to the main stream of education, we are trying to provide our best services for the average group of students by clicking a mouse button through our e-learning software system. Specially we are determine to spread the proper Education to such type of students who are coming from below poverty level(mostly identified as First Generation Student). To improve the quality of Education, we designed our software is so easy and very much understandable to all students, even students can enjoy its benefit from their home also. For the purpose of a total reformation of Education System, we are introducing the system of Audio-Visual Class Lecturing, On-Line Question-Answer Session, Easy downloading process of their Class-Notes, Question Bank, On-Line Examination etc. with the help modern technology. Finally, we hope to receive good wishes of people from all levels of the society and wish to be successful with our On-line curriculum having the heartiest co-operation of all Educationists.

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