Our Target through On-line Education System:

➣ We will spread the proper Education up to grass root level by expertise of renowned professor.

➣ By providing sufficient standard teaching learning guidance through on-line interaction ,we will be able to build up the self confidence of the student.

➣ To make the moderately regular and irregular students interested in learning the subject and in improving attendance.

➣ We believe , most of the under privilege belong to these group(i.e moderately regular and irregular).

➣ We are trying to provide means to solve the problem of insufficiency in traditional classroom teaching.

➣ Proper coverage of the entire syllabus.

➣ Individual Guidance to every student

➣ To bring a new horizon in the e-teaching system to the economically challenged class specially minority community ,BPL and Other backward class student.

➣ To enable student to avail quality teaching against nominal expenses from their own place and in their suitable time.

➣ In addition, apart from the collage student we will be careful to build up the awreness of computer learning for the Housewives through an attractive Pictorial Child Education System

Methods to be used:

➣ Audio-visual class lecturing for all subject

➣ Online-conferencing among student & teachers

➣ Downloadable version of class note

➣ Online evaluation (optional)

➣ Topic-wise class availability (For entire syllabus)

➣ Student feedback assessment

➣ Mobile Apps of the system